New Me

by Switch

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Moving on up....

My circle keeps getting smaller/ I’m okay with that
I’ll grow and keep getting taller/ work as they all sat
Now they all want to holler/ since the wallets fat
Well here’s a single dollar/ I’m done with this chat

You can expand from that/ start a brand in a flat
Give you a hand a slap/ learn to stand like a cat
Lost then plan with a map/ so don’t demand or snap
You’ll be panned take a nap/ you’ve been scanned it’s a wrap

Already stabbed me in the back/ I’m still doing laps
I guess hope is what you still lack/ fighting for some scraps
Your behind so I’ll lead this pack/ And I won’t collapse
Don’t give a fuck about our past/ just go over the facts

You never gave a crap/ shit don’t know how to act
Looking for the next jab/ all your mind has is black
hold grudges like a scab/ always on the attack
I’m done with this all that/ forward no looking back

I’m not looking for negativity
I want you to see what I see visually
I’m not looking for negativity
Like I want you to see it so vividly
New year it’s a new me
I’m not looking for negativity
New year it’s a new me
I’m looking for that creativity

I don’t get angry anymore/ I don’t have time to
I don’t really know what for/ or why I use to
Hate just adds poison to the core/ just got ask those two
I’m not looking to go to war/ already passed you

This half full glass is now empty/ I was getting thirsty
Why wait for you to invent me/ you just want to hurt me
So try but you can’t prevent me/ six A.M to early
For you it’s my identity/ it’s a race so hurry

Can’t keep waiting for you all/ I understand we fall
Lose are legs but you can crawl/ still be big and be tall
I’m in it for the long haul/ looking down this long hall
Just waiting for the curve ball/ look at the nerve y’all

Like I owe you nothing/ so don’t expect something
Make me sick disgusting/ so just me I’m trusting
These tracks I’ll keep crushing/ watch what I’m becoming
This whole earth I’m touching/ positive flows I’m busting

Positive flows I’m busting/ this whole earth I’m touching
Build it all up from nothing/ to the top I’m coming
Can’t stop I’ll keep on running/ I’ll just keep on running
Keep on moving I’m rushing/ obstacle I’m jumping

Need the blood to keep pumping/ like the music bumping


released April 25, 2015
Mixed/mastered by: Notebook
Beat by: anno domini beats



all rights reserved



Switch is known for bringing out the horrific side to any story. He touches base on topics such as scenarios created from horror movies, as well as situations of hopelessness, murder, rape, and death. When he is not creating songs such as those, he is making other pieces touching upon topics such as relationships, prevailing over bullying and just life in general. ... more

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