Lifetime featuring Notebook, Lady Essence

by Switch

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I put everything into this/ my blood so cut my wrist
I’m here to show you what real is/ I can’t seem to resist
I’m just trying to find my bliss/ explain why we exist
Before I’m lost in the abyss/ wondering will I be missed

Always trying to improve/ always give it my all
The key is to always move/ never freeze up or stale
And don’t care if they approve/ they want to see you fall
I’m always on the pursuit/ I don’t expect a call

All these tracks tell a story/ paint a image in your head
This is all that I have left/ cause it’s another empty bed
Look I need this off my chest/ need this demon to be dead
There’s no time for any rest/ well at least that’s what he said

No sleep lots of long nights/ and reading these blog sites
Trying to make wrong rights/ stuck with these dog fights
Always try to talk nice/ and make sure the locks tight
And always to knock twice/ hanging by these dock lights

I seem to be at peace best/ it relieves stress
Sad but never be depressed/ I need a weed sesh
And that’s not a request/ been feeling repressed
So I need to reinvest/ I hope your impressed

With all of my efforts/ each song is like a letter
Written out so clever/ laid out all for your pleasure
In thoughts you get better/ it’s out there now forever
Always have this pressure/ cause every move they measure

Me and music forever/ taken out on the stretcher
It’s the only way LEDGER/ The two of us together


I've turned into a lower specimen. I've known perfection,
so, The Fall into this hole is endless; wishing that I never did
Seems like I broke the spectrum, shifting back and forth so much
Living at some form of crux. I was shown the precipice
then I slipped and met my absolution and pretended it was an allegory in my head
With no exceptions, I have single-handedly written a living metaphor
Just so I could step in it and dread some more.
Overwhelming mix of polarity. Bone-chilling and scaring me,
So sick of the air I breath. It isn't fair to be soul-stricken and carelessly cold,
give me the kerosene. Light a match so I can finally get some warmth
My dynasty could form, or it could die with me a corpse
I can see the door, but on the right, I see a morgue
Why's it even me to walk the line and keep the course?
'cause only few are chosen, and it's time to beat the war.


The sun falls and your lonely under the umbra,
Summer to late fall, and your frozen into the tundra,
It's no wonder you've been digging for the bones you couldn't rest upon,
Just to write a thousand poems you couldn't settle on,
And even when you leave my home,
Well your less than gone,
I feel you in my zone, and God knows when the devil nods,
That I could bet it all, or attempt to even bet it small, but knowing not to bet at all would leave me with the better odds,
With several jobs, Im anxious about the future me,
My head is off and you're hanging onto it beautifully,
Your dead and lost, But Im painting onto your eulogy,
And maybe that's the cause of us still evolving so humanly,
Your lunacy's the root of a loose screw that was foolishly
Misused and abused to the amusement of someone's cruelty,
That's fucked up to me,
that leaves in cut in me,
so when you need that love
well I'm hoping that you run up to me.


released July 1, 2015



all rights reserved



Switch is known for bringing out the horrific side to any story. He touches base on topics such as scenarios created from horror movies, as well as situations of hopelessness, murder, rape, and death. When he is not creating songs such as those, he is making other pieces touching upon topics such as relationships, prevailing over bullying and just life in general. ... more

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